2018 Daily Portrait Project

By Andreas Øverland

One portrait every day, the entire year.

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My photography project for 2018 is this : Shoot at least one portrait every day of the year.

Some constraints and rules for the project:

  1. Equipment to be used : The Leica M10 or the Leica M Monochrom
  2. The same person/persons can be pictured more than once
  3. All portraitees must agree to be in the project, so no candid portraits without at least asking afterwards
  4. I'm in charge : people can't choose clothes, pose, location, expression, or final editing of the photos

Help me out!

If you want to help me out by being a part of this project, let me know. You can get in touch via the Facebook group, or some other way : Here are my contact details. I live near Oslo in Norway, so most of the portraits will be shot in this area. But I do travel around, so don't be afraid to ask if you are somewhere completely different.

Update March 7th, 2018

The project is moving really well! To make the portraits change a little over time, each month will have its own theme, lens or other rule :
  1. January - (Finished) Headshots with the Leica 50mm Noctilux f/0.95
  2. February - (Finished) Environmental portraits
  3. March - (Finished) Closer, with a different lens : the Leica 75mm Summarit
  4. April - (Finished) A very special lens. One that tilts the plane of focus into the scene..
  5. May - (Finished) A new dream lens: The Leica Noctilux 75mm f/1.25 (if I am able to borrow one for a month)
  6. June - (Finished) You chose one of these : Naked (no clothes visible in the photo), OR wet face & hair, OR dirty face
  7. July - (In progress) People I meet randomly wherever I go
  8. August - Ground level : You on the ground, camera somewhere a bit higher, or the other way around.
  9. September - On a location of your choice : I go to where you are, wherever you want. But you pay
  10. October - Evening emotions. Using the last of daylight, I’ll try to capture emotions, but not happiness.
  11. November - Extra light. I’ll be carrying around a small extra photography lamp to light the scene.
  12. December - Long exposures with movement. Will be quite abstract.